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POV: You are very small and tasty and I accidentally just dropped you on the kitchen floor

Time for bed. Mastodon appears to be enough to wean me from the bird site. I crave nice people to chat too. That's all. Good night

Here is the tl;dr for the #newbies about #Mastodon terms:

Toot = a post (or 'tweet')
Boost = re-sharing content (or 'retweet')
Favourite = liking or bookmarking something (or a 'star')
CW = content warning (basically self-censoring a post)
Instance = a version of Mastodon (like a Discord server or Reddit subreddit)

Remember 2 things:

1. if you don't like the way an instance is governed, you can always choose another
2. The internet isn't the be-all of life. Go outside & enjoy the sunshine


“Maybe if I sit right here, you’ll stop working and pay attention to me”

It feels like I should be posting angsty song lyrics to Mastodon like they're my 2004 away messages.

i don’t understand where some people get the energy to do chores & socialise when they work a full-time job. after work all i want to do is lie on the couch & groan like a beached whale

So yesterday I talked a lot about , but that's not actually what I work on the most right now! Until we get JWST data I'm over in land, a previous space telescope that is unfortunately no longer operational.

Even though it's not actively collecting data, there is still so much we can do with what exists! 🔭

I have a grant from NASA to uniformly reanalyze ALL of the Spitzer phase curve data:

So what's a phase curve and why do we care?

So, Hyperspace on the Mac is OUT. The apostrophe issue stinks. I’m trying out Mastonaut this time, let’s see how this goes. Anyone have any Mac OS client suggestions?

hi, just got here.

might post more photos and drawings than words, not feeling like saying much yet.

planted these blackberries. that's the sort of thing I do.

This is even more challenging than communities in discord ... is there a way to find interesting topics or people via search? How do I find content from other instances? How do I find people on other instances? 🤔

dad’s going thrifting on his lunch break @girlslivingoutsidesocietysshit

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