love that the shitpost still has legs into 2021 tbh

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tired: extending student loan payment suspension until Sept. 30
wired: forgiving $10,000 in student loans
inspired: forgiving $50,000 in student loans *and* paying back any payments people might have made since March 2020


here’s my big NFL idea:

if you doink a field goal, you get one (1) consolation point per doink


impeachment of donald trump (disambiguation)

screwing around on again

still think it's really cool how a) speech synthesis can generate incredibly-realistic sound clips of voices with minimal actual input, and b) most of the people who've programmed neural networks to MAKE those sound clips easily generateable have focused entirely on the shitpost angle

sexual assault 

I mean, it'll be nice not needing the cognitive dissonance of actively wanting a credibly-accused rapist to succeed anymore

good fucking riddance, ben

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Puffy Ben Roethlisburger of failing Pittsburgh Steelers and owner of bad barbecue sauce brand has a problem-his playoff football team is no longer "hot".

folks, I regret to inform you that the steelers are Back In This

NBC with the olympics commercial

like there's gonna be a fuckin olympics lmao

does anyone know where roethlisberger was on wednesday?



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this sucks

play tomorrow night, so if I’m absurdly obnoxious anywhere tomorrow, that’d be why


“If Joe Biden is going to talk about passing laws against ‘domestic terrorism,’ he must be aware that, in the eyes of many police officers, that word applies to the Black Lives Matter movement. They are the leopards that eat people’s faces, and the fact that one person with an eaten face was a piece of shit is not a good excuse to hire more leopards, or to sharpen their teeth.”

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