One step closer to having the #PinePhone keyboard ready... the membranes just came in!

Find out more about the keyboard and other upcoming tech in our latest Community Update:

Ok it’s Friday, so let’s have a little fun. Before you had an iPhone (or Android) you had a favorite phone, right? What was it? Here’s my (vastly unpopular opinion). It was this sexy orange Blackberry Curve 8330. I LOVED it.

Apparently my OneGX1 is affected by the "refuses to charge if battery is at 0%" bug plaguing mini laptops.

Let's see if I can charge this pack up on the bench without it esploding.

invited back to round 3 interviews at <dream gig>, and had my first patch accepted to the kernel (well, drm-misc-next, anyway)

today was a good day

If you're using Mastodon on a computer, did you know you can control it entirely through your keyboard?

✅ Press "?" to see the complete list of keyboard shortcuts on Mastodon

(You can also bring this up by clicking on "Hotkeys" in the bottom left corner.)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #KeyboardShortcuts

Covid-19 Vaccine Poll (please boost) 

❓ Would you take the vaccine developed by Sinopharm, China, if it was available to you right now?

ℹ️ Key Info:

1. The Sinopharm vaccine uses inactivated coronavirus.

2. Inactivated virus vaccines have been in use for 100+ yrs. e.g. in a polio vaccine in the 1950s, and are the bases for vaccines against other diseases like rabies and hep-A.

3. Sinopharm did not disclose the size of its phase-3 trial or provide detailed info about any serious side effects.

I find it very rude that this week has only decided to reach Wednesday tomorrow when it CLEARLY should be to Friday by now. RUDE!

It's massively disappointing to see federated and decentralized systems (concepts I love) suddenly gaining popularity for the reasons they are.

This is what we mean when we say a problem is systemic.


US employers cut 140,000 jobs in December, according to the latest jobs report. Women accounted for all the losses, losing 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000.


Something that I didn’t know for many years: ASL is its own language, with its own grammar, structure and even regional variations and accents. It’s not just a 1:1 mapping of English to sign.

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I guess I'll spend the next week obsessively refreshing my inbox, waiting on that (sorry|next steps) email.

I took the softcore hetero porn movie Pachinko Queen Explosion and edited it down to just the good parts, so now it is a short introduction to the basics of modern #pachinko

The #PinePhone modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 ( @postmarketOS )... we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

Notable works coming into public domain at midnight 

Films are listed with their director, literature with their author


The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin
Ben-Hur, Fred Niblo
Бронено́сец «Потёмкин» (The Battleship Potemkin), Sergei Eisenstein
The Big Parade, King Vidor
Le fantôme du Moulin-Rouge (The Phantom of the Moulin-Rouge), René Clair
Go West, Buster Keaton
The Freshman, Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, starring Harold Lloyd
Lights of Old Broadway, Monta Bell
The Monster, Roland West, starring Lon Chaney
The Phantom of the Opera, Rupert Julian, starring Lon Chaney
Seven Chances, Buster Keaton


Metropolis, Thea von Harbou (written in tandem with the 1927 Fritz Lang film)
The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Manhattan Transfer, John Dos Passos
Porgy, DuBose Heyward (made into "Porgy and Bess")
Those Barren Leaves, Aldous Huxley
Carry On, Jeeves, PG Wodehouse
Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf
The Billy-Club Puppets, Federico García Lorca
A Cuckoo in the Nest, John Travers
The Hollow Men, TS Eliot

@brendantcc @thegibson

If someone can't even figure out how to chat on the internet without centralized proprietary corporate platforms, then I have a hard time believing they hold a hacker ethos that prioritizes freedom or privacy.

IRC and Matrix exist. Defcon using Discord was the point I realized most US hacker culture today has no mission in the world anymore other than making money and being cool.

We must demand better and lead by example or the free internet is doomed.

Something I dislike w tech interviews is the mystery behind the scenes. 2x in my career the following occurred 😠
- interview thru last round
- get feedback that it went well & I should expect an offer asap
- radio silence
- when I reach out they say “we went w someone else” 🤷🏻‍♀️

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