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An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly. ~ anonymous

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Does anyone know a privacy-friendly alternative to "Down for Everyone or Just Me"?

🔗 downforeveryoneorjustme.com

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Apparently, the reason the NHS contact tracing app fell over on my fairphone was because some e users got very concerned about their ~privacy~ so the solution that e came up with was to silently kill the app I was relying on.

My best friend has cancer and I thought I would get exposure notifications which is slightly more life and death than privacy fantasies of fossbros.

They ~silently~ disabled the entire covid thing. I am so livid. This was supposed to be better than google, but in this case they've showed way less sense and responsibility

(I'm going to at the companies involved rather than subtoot them:
@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation )

@Gargron will the Mastodon iOS app be open source? 👨‍💻☺️

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Der offene, OSS Nachrichtendienst Matrix als Basis einer Kommunikationsplatform für Organisationen des deutschen Gesundheitssystems. Nice!


Maybe I'm super weird, but I somehow really enjoy learning about and# CMMN and and Business Process Intelligence in general. Would love to just model many personal workflows to get more control over my life lol.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well! I support @fsfe's call for more : publiccode.eu/

🔒 🛡️ 👥 Yes, even the pen-and-paper notebooks your parents use are 'good', just make sure they use it correctly and make their somewhat strong.

TLDR: everything is better than memory-based management; and when it comes to , we should weigh the alternatives, not get caught up in ideals


GitHub Copirate 🏴‍☠️ I honestly think it’s not okay, since many FOSS projects specified in their license that the code can only be used when keeping the result FOSS pca.st/episode/a25e3388-5d2d-4

We're in over our heads
We're holding our breath
Will we ever get to the other side
Before there's nothing left?
Yeah, our bodies are weak
We're tired and we're hurtin'
Will we ever get to the other side?
Don't know, but I swear I'll die trying


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#Pegasus bedroht #Pressefreiheit #Meinungsfreiheit #Demokratie und #Datenschutz

Solche Instrumente heimlicher #Überwachung müssen strengstens reguliert werden, der staatliche Einsatz muss engmaschig kontrolliert werden - gerade in ehemaligen #Rechtsstaaten wie #Ungarn

Entwickler wie die israelische Firma #NSO zum Wächter der #Rechtsstaatlichkeit zu machen, muss scheitern (nur zum Kampf gegen „Terroristen“)


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Edward Snowden says: Stop what you're doing and read this. This leak is going to be the story of the year:

The Pegasus project
Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon

Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists, data suggests


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