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Everyone is asking me to give back and now is the time.

I am doubling all :cate: sent to this post for the next 30 minutes. You send :cate:, I send you back :cate: :cate:.

Only going on for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

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It's March 2nd, 1943. Your user is in Arizona and using your software to plan a meeting with a customer in California. The user asks you to "schedule a meeting with Acme Corp for 9 AM on the first Friday of next month".

California and Arizona are in different time zones.

Between now and then, California will begin daylight savings time as scheduled on March 8th, but Arizona doesn't do DST so they'll stay behind. However, on April 1st, the governor will sign an emergency order moving Arizona to DST, effective immediately.

By the way, on the day of the meeting, the user will have driven to the Navajo reservation to join some colleagues for the phone call. They /do/ use DST in that part of Arizona. Mostly, some parts don't.

You are to (1) correctly display this meeting in your calendar UI for both participants, (2) send an email to Acme Corp with the meeting details, and (3) notify both users when the meeting is about to begin.

Good luck!

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#gemini working on #tor over on tilde.black. Read about it here:


Or on tor:


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Ok. I'm looking for an #eink #ebook reader that is literally a file system with an ebook reader. That's it. That's all I need. I can side load from #Calibre, it does NOT need internet connectivity, bluetooth etc.

Put book in, load it, read it, enjoy. Any #recommendations?

Looked at and dismissed:


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I never thought that wanting a general purpose computing device would make me a dinosaur in today's computing environment, but here we are. "Post PC" world, why would anyone want a computer other than developers, just do everything in the cloud, etc.

I never thought we'd be clamoring for the days of timesharing systems and terminals, but we're not only moving in that direction but we're paving the way.

It makes me feel like we've seen the future and thought "that's too hard" and moved away.

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We really need a FOSS search engine with, and this is important: its own in-house, FOSS crawler

I'm always on the look-out for minimalist site generators and just discovered "Ultra Simple Site Maker"

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"To keep reading this story, create a free account"

“Syncthing is probably the most painless experience I’ve had synchronizing files between my devices.” I, too, recently switched from Dropbox to Syncthing and this has been my experience as well. Everything worked out of the box on Debian, FreeBSD, and MacOS. paritybit.ca/blog/use-syncthin

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