Terminator vs Robocop: going to decide who's better on twitch.

Art by Rems12

@JawsVTheReturn does the author bear any relation to the Russo brothers? Or is it a coincidence?

Application has been sent off for proof reading. I should do something like laundry or grocery shopping but instead I'm probably going to let myself get roped into play Fortnite with my nephew.

Happy Friday y'all!

@howuplaythegame@mastodon.social @JCKillpack thanks. I'll take you up on that offer one day and we can do some trios.

@howuplaythegame@mastodon.social @JCKillpack haha I get what you mean I enjoy throwing up a wall for defense or some stairs to get up somewhere but it is great to have a mode offer less of a learning curve to players.

@howuplaythegame@mastodon.social @JCKillpack have you been enjoying zero builds?

I have to get this off my chest.

I recognize my imposter syndrome as I work on this Sundance Development application stems from being part of an ethnic group that has to jump through more hurdles of gatekeeping in Hollywood. But understanding that still offers me no piece of mind.

@lblack I finished an application I was working on yesterday so as a reward while I wait for notes, I went to go see The Northman.


It's 6 am. Blasting the In The Hieghts album and working on this application. Let's go.

@Mike_Bell_TM they can take many things from me. But the gifs are coming with me whenever I go.

@Mike_Bell_TM of course my genius gets recognized when I've made my peace on it never being made.

@Mike_Bell_TM I'm gonna be so pissed if he gets my pitch for 'My Uncle Vinny' made.


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