Since Bill Burr publicly accused Hillary Clinton of attending ‘Eyes Wide Shut parties’ the world has taken another look at this enigmatic work

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It’s an interesting if skin-crawling tour through the life of a man with virtually no moral compass. Read this review of "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story" now

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The President is a product' opines one executive. That’s about as succinct and accurate a verdict as you can get. Read this review of 'Mad Men', the Cadillac of quality American television

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A fascinating window into a very different and surprisingly dark time of entrenched culture clash and generational warfare where you were either a hairy baby boomer or not!

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Blackhawk and Apache helicopter, stealth fighter and Humvee all get a first run-out in the USA’s invasion of Panama in 1989. Didn’t know that happened? That’s what this film is for! Check out the review here:

‘Is this normal? Or have we fallen under some kind of spell?’ asks Tristan Harris, one of the ex big tech employees/whistleblowers whose revelations are the subject of this intriguing new documentary. Check out this review:

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