it's been like 2 hours (this morning) that i've been without energy now so I decided to draw a bit in traditional

underwear furry 

another random oc, this time my dnd character's exboyfriend
(had to cut ties bc my character got exiled)

naked furry 

dnd dragonborn character but with 40 years old

DnD dragonborn 

an attempt to do my character but with a tight black shirt

so here's my fursona if he was a superhero

basically he has multitype attacks (like arceus) and can combo up to 4 "elements" (but it takes more energy than usual)

also flying matrix bc why the heck not

NSFW muscle 

so I got a challenge to do a boo OC by @streekerOG (twitter.com/streekerOG) and @LuxiayK_NSFW (twitter.com/LuxiayK_NSFW)

i decided to base it on paper m*rio's design and give it a bit of my usual "himbo jock oc" twist


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