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Ist die Entwicklung von NetGuard und FairMail nun eingestellt?
"I have removed all my apps from the Play store and I will stop supporting and maintaining my apps. Google won."

Habe Marcel mal um eine Stellungnahme gebeten. Insgesamt ein herber Verlust! 😪


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🧐 Was will die EU mit meinem Handy machen?
😒 Werden wir nicht eh alle überwacht?
🤔 Ist die Panik übertrieben?
🤩 Gibt es einen besseren Vorschlag?

Hier kommt unser netzpolitik.org-Explainer zur #Chatkontrolle.


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As of this week, previously 'public' facebook pages seem to be behind a login wall. I can't check the menu for my local Indian takeaway, see which stalls are on the market this week, or get a clue about things happening in the community around me.

I can't find anyone talking about this online, and the only thing anyone - even local biz owners - seem to be able to say to me is *shrug*. What the fuck.


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I can sleep well because I have working backups. My laptop could be destroyed, I would not lose any data. Home may burn, same.

If you can't say the same, you should seriously think about doing backups, it's important when your world is digital.

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The key lesson learned from that should be that we in Germany can build good digital tools (the CWA was the only good example in this report) but it might need sustainability, civil engagement and realistic targets. No bullshit hype tech products.

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How to shut down libertarian pro-corporate-freedom talking points:

If it wasn't for the EU mandating USB compatibility, we'd still live in a hellscape where every single new cell phone, even by the same brand, has a different charging connector. They weren't gonna fix it themselves, they profited off it and we paid for it. End-user-oriented and environment-oriented regulation fixed it and we're all better off.

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Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.


Солярис, но вместо Океана батин суп

Резидент ивил, но вместо леди Димитреску фрекен Бок


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