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GNU Meetup in Turkey has been announced. I hope I can make it there without troubles with questioning by government people in airport.


"and the truth's unwinding,scraping away at my mind"
this lyric is echoing in my head all day long i can't stop it
why am i connected to music this much

Read the inspiring story of how Eyüpsultan, Turkey switched to free software, gained independence from proprietary software, and saved money ($$$) in the process! If they did it in their city, your city can do it too! | Read more at: u.fsf.org/3m9

The fucking shithole country called USA just removed women's federal abortion rights.

Liberty my fucking ballsack.




maybe we shouldn't have put all our decentralised Web behind a couple of giant centralised CDN services


<< A Cloudflare outage, which began about 15 minutes ago, has hit several popular services including Discord, Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, Feedly, Zerodha, Medium.com, news outlet Register, Upstox and Social Blade. The internet infrastructure firm said it is investigating the “wide-spread” issue, but it’s unclear what all regions are impacted. >>

We have added a new organization to *Who's using free software?* The city of Eyüpsultan district of Turkey is using a distribution of GNU/Linux that they made for their citizen's called #Pardus | Read more at: u.fsf.org/3m9

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