Wondering if AI can be reduced to a good background switcher..

rpm -e riviera-pink-night; rpm -i riviera-punk-night

Indeed I bought the famous italian 1mt key keyboard. Against the flat keys the traction is just fine, although I prefer something more toll..

I wonder if you judge high-level people in your life just for his money?

I think having Scobble bot also here like overwhelming..

I feel to apply consistency in my little every day, when I resume a job I have to be consistent, and aknowledged of what project I'm working in, which status I left, etc. Why open source is ruined to a jungle of diffenrent commands, parameters and symbols?

If there is a quality I like a lot is "consistency", that however means in software, in coding, in documentation, in marketing.. that means also Presentation.. but that also help all including advocating your cause.. It is obvious that just having a good marketing spot to use here and there it is not enough.

Party: "No more ass holes, please. We just finished the stoppers!"

I'm lucky two times, to have birth in Usa and to have just won an healthcare pass at the grandlottery..

I franky don't think that the world with chinese people is equal: they have no hairs and the have no oiled skin..

It is true that who invented the caffeine beverage had no paints?

Led is fixed, solution is one: or is working hard, or is doing nothing..

Flicking slides are old stuff, this why hologram have few reception.. we all need just projectors, maybe..

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