Hi every body!😜
Do you want to know more about Uranus???
and its features?
visit this link to know much more about this interesting planet, enjoy😎😎parisarticles2020.wordpress.co
my website home page: parisarticles2020.wordpress.co

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Re Falcon 9’s first stage booster supporting this mission previously launched two Starlink missions, Crew Demo-1, and the RADARSAT Constellation Mission twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1291 #SpaceX

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Do you know what is Dark matter??
Dark matter is the thing that 😀 keeps every thing together in space like Galaxies! I mean Dark matter with that big black holes in the middle of space make those stars be together.
If you now what is dark matter just reply in this toot

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I think studying while drinking helps a lot. But that's just me.

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What happens when biology becomes technology? | Christina Agapakis youtu.be/3y5f2l5yM4c #TED #video

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hi every body I want to know some alternatives for facebook

hi every body I am new on mastodon please help me


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