Wanted to request to join but you have to tell them your favourite book. How does anyone have just one favourite?

@patchworkbunny surely that’s an unreasonable expectation?!?!? 🤣. Once had to do a favourite per decade published, that was interesting.

@Chocohalix it makes me think the people that run it aren't really book people 🤣


I wrote some smart ass answer because I couldn't imagine how I'd answer the question. Maybe that's why they haven't responded.

@billyjoebowers I chose one and then commented that I had about 100 more. I hate picking single favourites of anything. Maybe they'll never approve me either...


I feel like "What's your favorite book" is a great question up until your early 20's maybe, it's different after that.

@patchworkbunny So true! I just wrote one I like to get my invitation but I def don't have a single fave!

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