@lovelybookshelf I'm starting to flag already, I really don't have the stamina I used to.

I'm been for a while here but I just realized I haven't introduce myself yet, so... Here we go with my #introduction

I'm a nb artist who designs book covers and makes comics. For that, I mainly use 2D digital techniques but also 3D sometimes. Besides, I'm working in a fantasy setting for DnD5e (#Isphanya) and writing my first novel in my free time. I'm super queer and so my stories are too 🌈

You can enjoy most of my work for free, but any support is appreciated!💛

In the front garden, a starling is tidying up the dead bits off the ground and a sparrow is eating the aphids off the apple tree. doing its thing ❤️

@billyjoebowers I chose one and then commented that I had about 100 more. I hate picking single favourites of anything. Maybe they'll never approve me either...

@Chocohalix it makes me think the people that run it aren't really book people 🤣

Wanted to request to join but you have to tell them your favourite book. How does anyone have just one favourite?

Today on my blog is a review of Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl by Joya Goffney.

Disclosure: review copy provided by publisher

"I wouldn’t normally pick up a book about a preacher’s daughter trying to fix her broken vagina and get her boyfriend back, bit since I liked Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry so much, I gave this a go. It was just as good as her debut."


Toot! Here's me. I'm a Product Manager in the travel industry. I have 3 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 cats. I'm a currently in Colorado. I'm interested in discussing or following accounts or people who love:

@Liveotherwise hello! I think I've just managed to work out how this all works...

Let's do this toot properly. I am a and servant to a living near the in

Looking to fill my timeline with

I will reciprocate with dog photos and book recs.

Here from the Twitsphere exodus & already into the ‘toots’. Just got to figure out how to use the app!
So, I’m Lucy. I write & draw comics. Also into gardening, film & reading.
You can find my comics & art here…
#creativetoots #mastoart

Hey everyone, like a lot of you I'm checking out mastodon in case Twitter implodes. I mostly toot 😂 about books and dog photos.


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