It's frightening to think that any given day the police could be calling me to tell me my child has been shot at school. This is not a fear any parent should have. This country is a literal war zone because gun manufacturers own the politicians.

Are on the explore tab only the local ones? Doesn't ever seem like much is going on. If they're just local a federated version would be cool.

It's 85 degrees out and I think I'm too much of a northerner because it's too hot and I wanna be colder. Am I crazy?

I haven't been on the big social media sites for awhile and it's amazing what that does for mental health. Nothing wrong with cutting off stuff that brings mostly negativity. Pretty chill over here though.

Is it chili if it's just beans, tomato and chili seasoning? Bean soup? Was good either way. 😋

@Mayana Please add me to Dharma, Gaming, Linux, Pro Wrestling, Socialists, Vegan, Vegetarian, Video Games.

"Awakening to love can happen only as we let go of our obsession with power and domination."


Wow, only been on Mastodon/the fediverse for a few days, but Damn. What a difference from Twitter.

Theres no algorithm feeding me content to piss me off into engaging. I can organically meet cool strangers in my instance, through local/federated timelines.

It's so much nicer?


Two days of successfully counting calories and being under my goal. It usually takes a week before I go mildly mental from it. Wish me luck.

Thanks to @joel, this account has an awesome profile picture. 👏

Got bored, installed KDE. Used it for 5 minutes, back to Budgie. At least I don't distro hop every week anymore.

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

I like that Mastodon feels real. Just normal, not crazy and angry, people. Such a contrast. I know, I'm sure there are all types on here but at least I would have to look for it instead of it being shoved in my face.


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