There's an abandoned lighthouse near Munising, MI USA that you go past on many of the boat tours that run out of that town and go past Grand Island. It's a beautiful old building with an interesting history. One of the tours we took happened on a day when it was so foggy that the trip was almost cancelled. Looking at this deserted lighthouse as we went past in the fog was a surreal experience.

@paulboeck Such a cool history too! Was up there last year with the family.

@entropealabs yeah, it’s a pretty amazing place. I hope to get back soon.

@paulboeck Did you have any effect or was that just the shot?

@TOC I probably adjusted the exposure and contrast a bit, but in general that’s how I saw it from the boat.

@paulboeck It’s such a beautiful picture. It’s a little surreal but very eerie.

0% chance that there's not at least one ghost in that picture. you cannot convince me otherwise.

@paulboeck With all that fog, it makes me this of Silent Hill's Lighthouse 😆

@paulboeck This image reminds me somehow of stories by H.P. Lovecraft 😳

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