I'm a Brazilian software developer and aspiring mechatronics engineer. I'm interested in , , , and in general. My hobbies are image editing, cataloging stuff, reading (books, articles, news, essays, whatever), listening to music and podcasts, gaming, and watching movies, shows, docs, video essays, etc. I have a special interest in sci-fi and surrealist media. I also love all kinds of pets!

@pedrohgb Welcome to the fediverse. QOTO is a community exclusive to STEM folks like yourself so if you'd like I will reboost your intro here and help you get some STEM followers. You might want to check out our profile directory to see if there are some people you'd like to follow as well, based on your intro I suspect many of our users would be the type of people you might be interested in following.

Again, welcome to the community and best of luck here!

Thanks! I'd be grateful if you could reboost my intro :) I'm really looking forward to connecting with people in the community!

@pedrohgb nice to meet you ! Wellcome (i'm not in your things). Just popped in (i foolow freemo) to say hello and good luck 🤗

@pedrohgb nice to meet you. I'm also interested in IoT and more generally in embedded systems. Looking forward to great conversations.

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