If anyone out there has a capsule they like reading or run one yourself, let me know! I want more places to visit in Gemini space.

Boost accordingly if you know anyone else who'd like to share. I'll try to compile links into a big toot later for anyone else looking for more capsules to check out. =D

@pennywhether My zine is somewhat focused on highlighting cool capsules. Issue 7 has some links to capsules that are good for discovering new ones. Also Issue 8 has a link to Treeblue Review which is a nice curated directory as well.



@pennywhether I occasionally post gemlogs here, mostly longer-format versions of my thoughts on here about being otherkin/alterhuman!

@pennywhether I have one, mostly because I found it interesting to write a gemini server for it...


@pennywhether Hello! 👋

Mine is gemini:// with a very specific topic in it: my journey learning about music orchestration 🎻. I'm still looking for someone writing about this topic in the Gemini space 😅 I started writing a new article, will publish it probably this week.

I also wrote about tech a bit there.

I'll also check out your capsule 🙂

@etienne @pennywhether

"I'm still looking for someone writing about this topic in the Gemini space"

there is one already 🎵 quite interesting to follow

@pennywhether gemini:// is good.

If you author gemini pages, be kind and ping antenna for every new page.

@pennywhether I have a capsule at gemini://

There's a gemlog (random), a collection of commentary on reading through Les Miserables a few times, and some tech troubleshooting/how-to articles.

Most of what's on there is mirrored from my website, but there are a few gemini exclusives in there.

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