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Oh, hello there. It looks like there's a big Bandai Namco sale on Steam right now. VERY tempting. =O

This Mashiro no Oto anime is quite good. I like all the shamisen music in it. =)

Trying to learn a bit of Python (I have no background in programming). So far, it's going smoother than expected. It'll be interesting to see how much of this sticks.

I had no idea Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted to Mastodon. Neat!

It's interesting to sift threw comments on the web from developers who seem to really hate Gemini protocol. Instead of letting people have their fun, they're so inclined to crap on them and the protocol they enjoy.

Crunching some numbers to make a simple PC with a 3200G at its core, and it looks like it might be pretty viable for what I need. I'll likely be spending more on HDDs than processing power at this rate (I want to make a dual boot with Windows / Mint).

The only thing I need to look into still are smaller cases and if there are decent smaller form factor motherboards that support the chip.

I had no idea Valheim actually runs natively on Linux.

It irks me to no end how many of my games make my various computers run hot. Unless I'm playing something a decode or so old, the fans fire up way more than I'd like.

I'm developing a greater appreciation for music from the PC Engine. Generally, I prefer the Mega Drive's sound chip, but NEC's console was no slouch either.

Just finished reading The House of Wisdom and it was really interesting. It discusses various scholars of the Arab world from around the year 750 to 1300-ish. The book really went into a lot of detail regarding what they studied and their contributions to the pursuit of knowledge. It also goes on to talk about how Europeans eventually absorbed their knowledge.

I highly recommend the book. Many will likely learn a lot from it.

Finished reading The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa a bit ago and posted some thoughts on my Gemini:


Unsighted looks like it might be a fun game. Getting a bit of a Hyper Light Drifter vibe from it.

An interesting read regarding how we seem to be entering a Take This Job and Shove It Economy.

There seems to be a lot of people that like arguing on social media about their ideas without actually being knowledgeable of the thinkers whose ideas they claim to espouse. I don't want to be like that.

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I want to read more from him and develop my own opinion on his ideas, as I get the impression that most discourse online is by people who have no idea what they are talking about and probably actually haven't read his works. I'll probably do some deep dives on Marx, Voltaire, Locke, Paine, and others as well.

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Started reading The Theory of Moral Sentiment by Adam Smith. It's definitely dense, and there are some outmoded ideas in it, but I get the impression so far that basically he was a proponent of stoicism.

Blasting through The Housekeeper and the Professor at the moment. It's a light read but really enjoyable.

The book is about a single mom working as a housekeeper in Japan circa the early 90s. Her assignment has her helping a retired math professor who suffered a brain injury in an accident 15 years earlier causing him to forget everything that happened after that point. Also, his memory resets to that point every 80 minutes. It makes for an interesting relationship between the two.

Been on a bit of a kick this week, listening to lots of music from games on the PC88/98, FM Towns, and X68000. It's an interesting era / neighborhood in game music history.

Just came across this cover of Song of the Ancients from Nier Replicant and it's pretty darn good.

Slowly getting in slightly more solid food after wisdom teeth extraction. I'm up to peanut butter sandwiches! Probably still a week or two until the two giant holes in my mouth seal, though.

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