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It's a weird feeling, but I'm at the point where I'm finding my local library to be a much better learning tool than the web.

There's plenty of primer data on a variety of tops on the web, but so much of it only goes skin deep. The web also creates so many people that carry themselves like an expert on a subject just because they've read a few wiki articles. Meanwhile, books breed humility as the more of them one reads the more they realize how little they actually know.

It's funny because I'm at a point where I could get by never getting a new game ever again.

In some ways I'm envious of younger generations. They can basically emulate and pirate the vast majority of games right up to the PS3 / 360 now. Those would take several lifetimes to get through.

It would be pretty great but for the crushing student debt and questionable job prospects younger people get to deal with.

I wonder how many decades it would take to clear my entire video game backlog... >_>

So, I decided to try mapping as many commands as possible through my MMORPG mouse while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's doable for playing the game with one hand, but I really need to dial in steering with the mouse and try to getting the sensitivity just right.

Seeing the updated jobs in FFXIV for 6.0, SMN rework looks neat. Same for MNK. I'm in no rush for the new jobs as they will be everywhere for a while. May try sage down the road.

For the most part, I'll stick with tanking. Still love WAR and DRK, but all these new confiteors for PLD look really neat!

Oh, I guess I should put my own capsule link in here somewhere if anyone is interested. =p


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Also thanks to everyone who boosted the original toot to help get the word out. =D

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Way late to the party, but I'm really enjoying the ambience in Persona 4.

If anyone out there has a capsule they like reading or run one yourself, let me know! I want more places to visit in Gemini space.

Boost accordingly if you know anyone else who'd like to share. I'll try to compile links into a big toot later for anyone else looking for more capsules to check out. =D

It always feels weird coming back from a day sick in bed. Everything feels like it was cut off and I'm genuinely curious how much the world has collapsed since I left the web unattended 24 hours prior. =p

Experimenting with adding an image gallery in a Gemini capsule post. I should stop being lazy and just make JPGs with them. The file size is so much smaller. Now I really do feel like I'm making a site for the 90s back when I agonized over file sizes. =p

Listening to the Racing Lagoon soundtrack makes me miss the days of jazzy racing game soundtracks back in the 1990s.

I really, really like the graphical style of Caves of Qud. It has that retro-ish feel, but a tad stylish. I find myself gravitating to simple looks like that more and more, or outright ascii art visuals. RPG Sanctuary is another that I love playing with simple graphics.

Oh, 5700G APUs are finally available for DIY. I can finally get around to building a new PC at some point. Probably gonna wait until the new year, though.

Pretty crazy all the news coming out of Blizzard right now. I'm guessing a lot of people are going to be shown the door because of this lawsuit. WoW was already on the decline. If their dev team is gutted, I don't see how the game will make a comeback.

There's always FFXIV, of course. I guess people who want to play WoW will migrate to private servers or something?

Quite pleased with myself. Another Steam sale that I managed to completely avoid. =D

I'm starting to think YouTube-DL is the only way to fly when looking at videos. There's so much I don't like about actually being on YouTube. I think what put me over the edge was those stupid end cards that eat up the screen for the last 20-30 seconds of a video. So annoying.

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