How on earth has it been 11 days since I last posted here

Is it anxiety? Is it alcohol? Is it the fact that I’ve been subsisting on pizza and mac n cheese during the moving process? Either way, my guts ain’t happy

it’s very punk rock and sexy of us to care about other people actually i’m tired of apathy and nihilism we CAN and SHOULD build a softer world if only because it is within our power and imagination to do so

I don't want this to become our own lil Parler, but I'm really digging the fact that we can say the word "revolution" without fear of being digitally obliterated

@makegodgayagain Could you help me get into the kolektiva server? No matter how many times I enter the email address I used to make this account, it keeps telling me it doesn't recognize the address—wondering if you can send me an invite instead or something

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I'm trying to log into the kolektiva social thing but it says my email address is invalid, when it's the one I used to make this account and log into it literally five minutes ago. please help


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