Who's genius idea was it to 1) put the areas where elections are *not* taking place in white and 2) where they are taking place in a similar colour to the background?

Just the government's Social Mobility Tsar praising the work of notorious Islamophobe Douglas Murray. Great stuff; I'm sure there'll be no repercussions.

Reading this at the moment. It's the final part of a four book series. I preferred the first one. There are quite a few battle scenes and I just gloss over them.

Got to learn that the Duke of Wellington's name was Arthur Wellesley and how Napoleon appointed members of his family as rulers over various European countries. I'd add that Scarrow captures Napoleon's genius and unquenchable thirst for power quite well.

Turns out the British public are quite woke - nearly 80%. This is according to polling by Global Future as reported in the New Statesman.

I call this the "celebrities and journos meeting Trump at Trump Tower" stage.

Between this and a recent Wired article I'm more pessimistic about twitter than I was a few days ago.


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ONS infection survey for week ending 23 April 2022 shows infection levels continuing to decrease in the UK and (fortunately) in all age groups too

This graph shows how response for ambulances for Category 2 ("needing rapid assessment and transport": includes intense chest pain and strokes.) have increased.

(credit: PaulMainwood)

I see we've reached the "his billionaire peers, who's opinion he respects, will be able to restrain Trump" part of the story

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The government won a vote on the in the House of Lords by 202 to 181. This means they can now interfere with the independence of the Electoral Commission.

Labour could have opposed it better, I think. Here's what The Independent's Jon Stone says:

(screenshot from Duncan Robinson)

I am morbidly curious in how all of this is going to play out 1/?


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