The Asters Below

Hold in you the star of wistful thoughts for things that could have been yet never were

Asters are very fitting for Ariadne and her brother Asterius

@3__54 A super cute pup! At least you were able to take a pic of your pupper. Mine always shies away the moment I take out my phone xD

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A silly sorta redraw of a scene from Sailor Moon, but in reverse hee hee

Happy December 25th everybody!

Say it with me now:

"Almost Christmas" means it wasn't Christmas!

A redraw (with an extra treat) of this moment from Ace Attorney. Happy December 24th everybody!

You've heard of sad dad. May I present to you a sad ma'am?

I've been thinking about Ariadne a bunch since she's briefly mentioned in the Hades indie game. So I've been doodling some concepts for her both in and outside that game's context.

Part art recap and part art vs artist for stuff I made in 2020. I didn't get to do as much as I'd like given my health and all, but I did do enough to fill this up. Cheers ✌️

A silly lil idea that popped into my mind because apparently people have preferences about this stuff, which I find hilarious haha

@maruki This is so cute! Love the way you shaded this! All them textures and of course the cute lil bee<3

I discovered that I apparently share Muno about once a year and have done so for the past three-ish years. So this is gonna be 2020s share. Currently a wip (of four pieces smooshed together here).

A dear friend of mine made a crossover I never would have thought of and I wanted to pay a quick lil tribute to the intro of it. You can read it at Snaurus' AO3 ( I'm so down for fun crossovers like this!

@3__54 This is a mood oh my. I know this feeling all too well xD

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