Man, I don’t get booking at all. Scorpion Sky wins the title from Sammy G. Loses it like 3 weeks later back to Sammy. Then 3 weeks later Sky beats Sammy to get it back. Just, makes no sense to me.

@pinkdogfan I was definitely not a fan since it seemed to diminish Sky's run, but I think I came around to it after him getting the belt again this week because the pingponging of the belt managed to perform a double turn for a guy who was supposed to be a heel. People seem to give a damn about Sky now because of the Sammy heat by association. I don't think this was the intentional route at first though for sure. If the feud ended here it was a good boost to Sky I think

@izumoo I kind of feel like they basically put Sammy G into the role they always wanted Cody to do but he refused to be heel.

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