@atomicpoet Vice sucks. If you source them for your opinion you do too

@loveisgrief having a GIT client that isn’t open sourced seems counter productive

@mrbitterness this is FUD. DDG has always said they use Bing. Part of the contractual obligations to using this index (and its really either Bing or Google for this) is that their BROWSER has to allow some tracking. This does not apply to using their search engine without the browser. To crawl and index the web in a searchable manner is a huge task and really only Microsoft and Google have done it. They worked with the lesser of two evils and are actively trying to change that.


@thomasfuchs yeah these situations are much more complex than people think. There’s probably a good reason why it took a more trained force to come in and resolve the situation than local police.

Your job never bothered you. You never thought about all the wasted potential you are giving up for a steady income and stability. You forgot about all you personal aspirations and hopes and dreams to provide for a family. This has drained in your soul but you learned to ignore it and soldier on. That is until you say it. It being the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes.

You awoke this morning from THAT dream. Worrying about the dream and what it meant kept you distracted as you got ready this morning. And when you sat down to breakfast across from your partner and looked in their eyes they knew you had had the dream again. And you both knew what it meant for your relationship but neither would say it though the quiet tension spoke loudly enough. The DJI closed up nearly 2% today.

Oregon is now requiring a $2 permit to go to the Columbia River Gorge from now till September. They say it’s to limit traffic which is fucking bullshit. It’s to put a tax on all the locals and tourists who come to Portland partly to visit the Multnomah Falls in the gorge. They can fuck off and die with their lies.

@anotherlooktake2 those free ones (at least the original batch) sucked. They were way too complicated and I felt compelled to use two the first time just to confirm the negative.

@stux my pet peeve is people in cars going slowly through intersections or not following the rules of driving.

@stux yeah on my good days I do legit try to think “hey, these people might be doing the best they can”. But a lot of days are teeth grinding thinking “what the heck?! HURRY UP!!!”

@stux but you don’t know them. Their stories. Their physical and mental falculties. Im just messing with you btw lol

You wouldn’t believe the terrible things the trees say behind your backs. I tried to stand up for you but they wouldn’t hear it. The wind seems to like you though.

@stux I bought that exact same toy for my ex. She loved it till the dog decided it was a chew toy.

@play0ad @FediFollows oh I for sure will. I’m not really into Age of Empires so I’m sure I’ll suck at it but I love FOSS. Especially games.

@clacke @yogthos no, I’m saying they exist and don’t solve the problem of creating inequality amongst those who can afford to live there and those who are forced to live in less walkable etc parts of a city. And I personally am against any sort of effort to help the rich and privileged have a better life than they already do.

@clacke @yogthos the problem here in America at least is that preplanned communities like that have had a high rate of failure. As in never drawing in enough population, jobs, industry etc. And, in fairness, the ones that have worked have been close to big cities and eventually merge. So you have a nice walkable etc part of the city BUT that’s almost always the more expensive part of the city.

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