Lets talk about it with Eva : Miljöpartiet says that swedish women to get room to immigrants

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When I found that glorious infographic I just felt it perfectly encapsulated my 3D experience.

Also yes I'm using my semester break to finally switch from Maya to Blender.

Infographic from here: giudansky.com/illustration/inf

#Blender #OpenSource #Meme #3D #3dartist

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Are you waiting for that magical day when we announce our first server in your country? Us too! Truth is, what it comes down to is finding hosting providers that are worthy of your trust. mullvad.net/blog/2021/2/8/why-

Have quastion is there a complete mastodon censorship free mastodon instance ?

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just started using mastodon looks great I hope this can be come my social media in the future :ablobcatheart:


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