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กฤษฏ์ อำนวยเดชกร 🌈

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I do think Mastodon is a lot more safe than Twitter. We don't have many employees walking around who are vulnerable for social engineering. We have secure closed server systems with open source code.

We do not track you in any way nor publish any info. Ever..

Disini emoticon nya terbatas kucing bengek doang. :cate:

Spotted by a fan at Siam Square with billkin today!

Coconut smell that I once disliked turns out to be sweet when it’s yours.

Teh is now challenged by a new feeling he has never known before. Will he be able to withstand his inner desire?

Let’s interpret it together in EP.3 on this Thursday at 8.00 PM.

แปลไม่ออก is ranked #1 on Spotify Thailand Top 50

กีดกัน(Skyline) is ranked #1 on Apple Music Top 100 : Thailand

Big congrats to 🎉 You literally deserve it ❤️

Followersnya thai rpe berkurang jauh banget..... Jadi kehapus kah acc nya kalau error?

Timeline langsung sepi karena yang pada pake mstdn gak bisa online. HAHAHAHA

I think i will change my domain to mstdn since they have a lot of emojis there 🥺

Why i can't open my notification tab? 🤧

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a thread. help boost.

Be right back, and i will reply mentions later! 👋🏻

Don't forget to watch I Told Sunset About You! Tomorrow at 8PM on LineTV! ✌🏻

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