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Photo taken before the pandemic. Me and blessed Patrick Mahomes Bobble Head

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Fancy new Tool shirt. I feel like one of those wacky colored birds.

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My friend cartooned me and I became hentai ready

Man the medical system in the USA is total trash lol. Total priority for reactive care rather than preventative.

The new Firefox UI for tabs is so nice! I enjoy.

Strange feeling to think about how I graduated high school 10 years ago. Not many fond memories of that place... some good friends though.

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Got some interns to manage and man. Being a manager is stressful. Trying to be very accommodating and make it easy on them but so much crap comes up out of my control lol

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Oh you use $x?? You're an idiot because I use $y!!

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Rain forecasted for the next 10 days... time to enjoy.

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