Me :
None :
Literally none :

My bored mind : *playing queen wa$bii - 얀녕 쟈기* aNNYEONG JYAGI. LEMME SHAKE THAY B00TY

╱ Trying my luck to find fellow OCRPs here. Kindly boost or reply to this toot(?)to get a follow + awkward greetings. Worry not I speak Bahasa too. @OCRP

Yang ingin berteman, terlebih yang tahu saya di twitter ayo followan disini. @OCRP

Aku mau cari teman disini. Yang mau temenan boost aja! @OCRP

how many OCRP in mastodon?

if you are OCRP please boost this toot. :coolcat:

ORCP yang belum difollback silakan boost toot ini!

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