Greetings all.

Just an other person checking out as a possible exit route.

I'm an older geek dad in the California bay area.

Please talk to me about , , , , or other geeky topics.

I've already discovered hash tag, and it's made the site vastly nicer than Twitter already.


@pseudonym Welcome aboard. Got any fav sci-fi short reads to recommend?

@tigcarson N.K. Jemisin's "Broken Earth" trilogy is excellent. Currently reading Yoon Ha Lee's "Machineries of Empire" Hexarchate stories, and enjoying them.

@pseudonym Googling Machineries of Empire as we speak. Cheers.


@tigcarson It's a bit rough at the start, as the tech/magic system and society have a lot of new terms, and the author doesn't hand-hold or spoon feed you the ideas, just tosses you in the deep end. but stick with it.

Premise is essentially, your high-tech powers are essentially "magic" dependent on the mass belief in the calendar and rituals of your society.

Stop following the rituals, and your tech stops working.

Heretics can literally destabilize the physics of your space empire.

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