Greetings all.

Just an other person checking out as a possible exit route.

I'm an older geek dad in the California bay area.

Please talk to me about , , , , or other geeky topics.

I've already discovered hash tag, and it's made the site vastly nicer than Twitter already.


@pseudonym Hi there! How do you like your coffee?

I start my morning with a pour-over using a Kalita wave and delicious Costa Rican beans :)

@ggpsv French press. We have a local chain called Philz here in California. I prefer their medium and dark roasts. I grind the beans with a cheap electric grinder, and step for about 4 minutes.

@pseudonym Ah yes, I've had Philz in several occasions during temporary stays in San Francisco. Do you have an interest in small batch / specialty Roasters?
I've always wanted to try out LA-based Canyon Coffee.


@ggpsv Yup. Love to try small inde ones. I disliked for most of my adult life, then found out I had been trying bad coffee. Had the good stuff, and started to have opinions on things like water temperature and bean origins and such. :-) Now I just like it as a drink.

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