Please feed me? I like food...

I am in my little burrow right now though..


@maddiefuzz was that image from "Beneath Apple DOS"? I recognize it, but can't place it for sure. I know I had the book it came from.

] Call -151
* 3D0G

Still burned into my memory after... four decades or so.

@pseudonym That is the exact book it’s from! I’ve been diving deep into every Apple II book I can get my hands on, and.. that rabbit hole goes deep.

I’m trying to load a binary file from the disk into memory, from an assembly program. It’s been quite tricky. I’m messing with HGR mode, and it’s working well, but I don’t want to have to keep running BLOAD to populate my graphics into RAM. ^^

@maddiefuzz Awesome! Surprised I recalled that correctly. As I remember, that was the best book. I think there may have been something called the "gazetter" (???) That was just page after page of all the assembly memory locations.

Thrilled that an other generation gets to play with this stuff. I learned to program on the Apple][e.

Had a whole disk of programs and games I wrote. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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