I found the RWTS subroutine for reading from a disk...

Now how do I figure out which track and sector I'm reading from? :blob_cat_tilt:

@maddiefuzz OMG, an other human familiar with RWTS on 6502. I wrote an article for "Nibble" magazine (refused for being 'too technical') for the Apple ][e about how to change the track, to hide the "catalog" information. It's a single memory location you can "peek" and "poke" from Applesoft basic, or read directly in assembly.

@pseudonym I actually haven’t done 6502 ASM before three days ago… but my hunt to get something working has led me down into RWTS stuff, as well as the undocumented DOS File Manager subroutines…

I wasn’t alive when the Apple II was around, but I bought one a little over a year ago and want to write software for it. I really love this machine, it’s really fun to write assembly for it.


@maddiefuzz check out any archives of "Nibble" magazine from the 80s. They had program examples and write ups of all sorts of stuff. Oh look, the Internet archive has a trove of info.


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