Boosting that because it's a general offer. People being shitty about how anyone else uses language makes me so angry.

I get it, I used to be that guy. It was so comforting to feel like I always had the Single Correct Answer in how to use language. (I still know all those rules and it helps make me a good copyeditor, but not as good as "also knowing when to disregard those rules" makes me!) I used to be a real asshole about this stuff.

But then I learned how that hurts people, and I stopped.

Reminder that the idea of "correct grammar" is a product of standardized language, which is a feature of 18th and 19th century European nationalism. And I don't think any of us want to be promoting nationalism, ew.

@bright_helpings Okay, this article is absolutely eye opening.
It makes so much sense when pointed out, yet I would have never noticed.

Not to mention that spelling and grammar is a proxy for "intelligence", which further reinforces injust hierarchical structures on people with disabilities such as dyslexia.

@TakeV Absolutely, language as a proxy for intelligence gets very eugenics very quickly too! It's not good.


@bright_helpings @TakeV Having recently been playing with GPT-3 I can definitively say that good language skills are not an indicator of intelligence.

I have some great prompts and examples of well written, computer generated output, that reads better than many human authored pieces, but the content engine that created them is neither intelligent nor sentient.

But it does produce solid, textual output *like* a person could.

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