Don't mind me, I'm just kinda gushing over here because this is such a wholesome community of honestly decent people being decent to each other.

Corporate social media would lead you to believe that everyone is at everyone else's throats 24/7.

Not here.

You is kind.
You is good.
You is downright nerdy.

Rock on. 🖖🏼


@RL_Dane grab joy where you can, even in just moments. Kind words, a silly meme, it's all good.

I've found a lot more human empathy here.


I love how the various communities that are supposedly diametrically opposed to each other are so civil here, at least when they're not in siloed in insular instances.

It seems that whenever an instance is centered on a particular community or ideology, things get cruddy FAST. Fosstodon is a refreshing exception, but it makes sense because the unifying ideology of fosstodon is more of a technological ideology, instead of a very human (and messy) ideology like religions & politics.

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