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Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus should not be left in charge of children.

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i have thought about this hacker news comment nearly every day since november ninth twenty seventeen


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When cold caller email marketers / sales folks spam you with a product pitch, and you ignore them and/or "report spam," and then a week later they come back with "I hope you saw my email last week, and I really think FooBarCo's frobnostication platform can help you SaaS your action items to top of mind with you CEO" - does any one ever go "oh thanks, yes, I meant to get back to you about. So glad you emailed me again! "

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I made a practical part thing thing -- replacement hinge for a drying rack.


Technically, I used a $1000 3D printer to replace a $2 part on a $40 thing, yet I'm fascinated by it.

Also it forces me to vaguely remember something from high school geometry without having flashbacks.

Industrial accident. Flames and building destruction 

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Starting to think I might not read some of these links that have been sitting in my "Read Later" list for three years.

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Financialization insists we should treat money as scarce - rather than goods, or capacity. Financialization is why California gave away its $200m stockpile of ventilators, N95s and mobile pandemic hospitals in 2008 - rather than spending $5m/year to maintain it:

But when the covid crisis struck 12 years later, Calfornia's $60m in savings cost it tens of billions in losses because it needed *stuff*, not *money*, and it had given away stuff in order to save money.


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Had a question about bots, so here's some info:

Some accounts on Mastodon are marked as "bot" by their owners. It just means that the posts are automated and there's probably no one monitoring the account.

To mark your account as a "bot", log in through the website, click on "Edit Profile", tick "this is a bot account" and then click "save changes".

Some bots *are* monitored by their developers though, who may answer on the bot's behalf.

Also, some bots are actually interactive and the bot itself will reply to you in an automated way. A good example of this is the text adventure bot at:


#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Bots #Bot #Fediverse

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it's hippie instagram too? but I thought #mastodon was hippie twitter? who owns all this and are they going to sell out too? why I don't get results for this hashtag? wait, I don't see all replies to the toots I follow? why is there no quote-retweet? how do I promote my toots to a large audience? wait, when I boost a toot, I'm curating for my whole instance??

A futuristic Mastodon introduction for 2021: Focusing on things that come up frequently and I don’t see explained that often

it's incomplete! at least I updated it once this year! adhd productions™

Folks playing the - does everyone have these awesome builds? On my first playthrough, and my base looks like Burning Man camp from the mid 90s. Buildings scattered over the playa, conveyor belts crossing each other.

I like it, but it seems less fun to layout and reposition everything, so I just keep adding on.

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Commendable game audio options!

Factory building game Satisfactory is generally pretty unobtrusive with its audioscape, but the chainsaw tool sticks out and annoys both me and @vaviurka.

Just discovered that the audio menu can be expanded and voila, the chainsaw volume can be selected and turned down on its own. Well done!

#Gaming #UX #Satisfactory

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