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Last task today: Prepare the sourdough for the buns for tomorrow.
Hopefully will look like those...

So, I am almost there. The gallery is online, albeit still WIP. Accompanied by a photoblog and a generic blog for everything else.


makes it MUCH easier for WP-users to migrate their site(s). Whereas leaves them alone. The publii-importer works nice.


is a nice . And I like it. But how would I get my content from former WP-sites back?


Setting up a new gallery online for my photo-stuff. More work than I expected. But I hope it is worthwhile.

aus dem blütenkranz auf meinem hut
falln die weissen blätter der jahre
fallen auch die schwarzen blätter der wut
mischen sich in meine haare
seltener verlässt mein herz den mund
zögernd strecken sich die hände
in den strassenstaub für einen fund
langsam lieb ich meine wände

(Gerhard , Album: Frühstück für immer, 1995)



Made two types of today. Some vanilla pods covered with alcohol (Wodka), one bottle based on sugar syrop that I cooked. Should work. 😋

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This is an image of a 2017 solar eclipse taken by Sebastian Voltmer. What stunningly beautiful photo. Bravo!!!

Fresh rom the oven.
Looking forward to cutting off the fist slice of this wonderful . Five flavors of bruised grain + roasted oatflakes + roasted sunflowerseeds + potatoe. This will be a feast.

Will have to harvest and dry my soon.
Funny actually, as I stopped five years ago.

Sorry, veggies. You need to be strong now. :)

There is little that could beat a with crackling and
on a cozy autumn sunday. Is a bit of work and takes some hours but is definitely worth it. Nomnomnom! 😋

Listen, , if you want to kill off a legend like the and other cool devices, you just need to go on with rolling out crap like G Hub.

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