@cichy1173 yeah, I came across it as I use Samsung devices with pens, and on my tablet in particular I much prefer to write notes. Worth a look at least. Obsidian is great but not properly open source.

@cichy1173 have you looked at Logseq with Excalidraw? I use Obsidian currently but thinking about switching at some point, just I use lots of community plugins that aren't available yet for Logseq.

Yesterday we released Mautic 4.4.3 with 10 bug fixes and three improvements/fixes to automated tests.

Read more in the release notes: github.com/mautic/mautic/relea

Warning! Recent Linux kernel update breaks some USB audio device support!


Stay at version 5.19.8 until this is fixed if you don't want unpleasant surprises!

#LinuxAudio #FOSS #LibreAuddio #Audio #Linux #Kernel #USB #UsbAudio

Building a community in the space can be tough.💢

Join me for my talk where you’ll learn how you can foster a great community of contributors.🙌

Learn more and register: bit.ly/3dcqTAo

Oct 11-13 | Virtual | @GitKraken

Headed home after an awesome week in Prague .. a little bleary eyed from the early start but looking forward to getting home!

Here we go! Speaking about how you can start to use @mautic internally to improve the employee experience.

Learn about how we track the community health of the @mautic open source project in my latest opensource.com article: red.ht/3R90HVD

My new video is here! This is a 2-hour live presentation I did for HKU.nl students in February 2022.

It's intended as a beginner introduction to the world of FOSS audio production. Enjoy and remember that you sharing it can make all the difference :)



#unfa #FOSS #Linux #LinuxAudio #OpenSource #Libre #GNU #Ardour #Carla

It was certainly a beautiful sunrise .. not quite sure where, but on the flight from Dallas to London somewhere!


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