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When it comes to open-source artistic tools, Blender is an extremely powerful example. And when it comes to learning Blender, you don't get a better teacher than Andrew Price, the Blender Guru.

Here is a full-on playlist containing an excellent series of tutorials covering the various areas of Blender, all around a tasty confection.

People can say that you don't need to know music theory to make music, but let's face it; there's making stuff, and then there's making stuff. It really helps to know your way around music if you want to make anything that stands a chance of standing out.

This video won't explain the concepts to you, but it's a great starting point to know what to research, and in what order to research it.

I have finally finished my Complete Ardour MIDI Tutorial.

It'll premiere on YouTube in 8 hours (10 PM CET):

It's a 2-hour long film, so be prepared :D

#unfa #Ardour #MIDI

There's a lot to be said for modern 3D animations, but sometimes, you just want classic hand-drawn animation. To that end, Krita makes a good toolkit for this.

One especially-useful tool for hand-animators is a skill called "rotoscoping," where you trace frames of a video to make a convincing animation. Expressions, body movement, choreography... if you film it first, and then rotoscope, the animation will really shine.

Photography is a tricky beast. You need to have the right lighting, the right composition, the right lens, the right filter, and so on. And even then, there's no guarantees!

And sometimes, you just need to take the blasted picture.

This is where post-production comes in. Darktable is an excellent tool for making photos look better, but it can be tricky to understand. Here's a tutorial to help cover some basic processing.

When producing video media, it helps to prepare your shots ahead of time. This not only involves scripting, but also storyboarding.

In this case, Krita's got you covered.

I'm a bit of an Emacs nut. If you can get past all the key-chording, it can be a very effective tool. In this case, it has a number of modes that are absolutely essential for writers, including its own take on "Hemingway Mode."

Give a man a fish, and he'll probably want you to clean and cook it. Teach him to fish, and he'll just ask you to do it for him.

Okay, here's my obligatory first post. Happy? :P

I was planning on making a Mastodon server on my Penguin Producer website, but, unfortunately, Mastodon and shared hosting do not get along. Ah well.

More will be coming eventually, still working out the kinks!


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