This is another feature besides an edit button that Twitter desperately needs! Being able to easily toggle these on and off is amazing!

Good morning, lovelies. Happy Saturday. I hope your weekend retro fun times are starting off well. :) ☕️💕

Not sure what the stance is here with music videos and the DMCA overlords, but who cares.

Who remembers this from Road Rash from the PS1/Saturn/3DO? Fell in love with this song and always wanted the CD, but was too poor to afford it. So 90's and I love it! ❤️ 😂

Trying out cool-retro-term on my Callisto II and it certainly fits the aesthetic. Still pictures don't do it justice as it emulates a very old CRT, wavy lines and everything.

@retrodomination I don’t have a room anymore as it’s my office for my business now. But I do have my display and it makes me happy. The rest is in storage lol.

That’s Friday night settled. An 1985 airing of “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, among other TOS episodes from a six hour VHS, and a little SNES play. With pizza and beer, of course. :) 🍻🍕💕

Hey. Y’all take a seat with me. Breathe a bit.

Let’s chill out and decompress for a few minutes on this lovely Friday. :) 💕

One of the first things I bought when I moved back to Australia was an arcade machine and this Street Fighter Alpha 2 marquee (chonky boy at 70cm x 40cm). Most normal people would have bought furniture, but nope...I'm an idiot. 😂

The arcade machine didn't turn out so well (story for another day), but I held on to this. Need to get this framed and put on the wall one day!

This is my happy place and where I spend 99% of my time, especially as I work from home everyday. Makes an interesting backdrop for Teams calls! It's not a huge room like other people have but it makes me genuinely happy.

And yes those are Funko Pop's and I know people hate them, but I don't care. They were an important part of life for me when my dad was diagnosed with MND and helped me cope with the stress of it all.

Would love to see some of your happy places!

For anyone looking for an app to use for this platform, give Tusky a go. Seems to be much easier to use than the official app (on Android at least).

I have to's kinda nice having a fresh start!


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