This is my happy place and where I spend 99% of my time, especially as I work from home everyday. Makes an interesting backdrop for Teams calls! It's not a huge room like other people have but it makes me genuinely happy.

And yes those are Funko Pop's and I know people hate them, but I don't care. They were an important part of life for me when my dad was diagnosed with MND and helped me cope with the stress of it all.

Would love to see some of your happy places!

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@retrodomination absolutely stunning setup - I aspire to this kind of home office 😍

PS: I blur the background when on MS Teams 😂

@ausretrogamer Thank you! It pales in comparison to the Fun Factory™, but I love it!

I used to blur my background too or use an arcade backdrop, but this helps break the ice and I just embrace the nerd within! 😂

@retrodomination awwww man, you should see it now, it’s like a bomb site (in the middle of our reno).
I blur coz of the mess, but once the reno is done & things are more orderly I’ll definitely will be showcasing my geekiness :)

@retrodomination I forgot to add, my happy place (the Fun Factory) always makes me feel warm & fuzzy. My dad saw it just before he passed (which meant a lot to me). It’ll change after the reno, but it’ll always be my happy place :-)

@retrodomination I don’t have a room anymore as it’s my office for my business now. But I do have my display and it makes me happy. The rest is in storage lol.

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