I'm kinda mad that the only available options for hand held digital readers like the Kindle these days are touch screen. I don't want touch screen, I want buttons, bcs I'm old and I like the tactile quality of a button lol

My Kindle Keyboard is now over 10 years old and it's battery life has shrunken considerably, even tho I keep WIFI turned off. I've read battery life on the new devices are terrible too so I'm like 🤷🤷🤷 guess I'll just keep what I got then???


@jendrawscomics I have an android tablet from 2013 that I keep replacing the battery for. The keyboard and cover are so tatty, it's ridiculous. Trouble is, every new battery only seems to last a year or two before it starts dropping to 0% from 50%, so now I think the tablet's knackered.

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