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if microsoft word tells me not to use the passive voice one more time, it will be harmed by me

Genuinely speaking I like Typescript because it helps in ensuring I'm not doing something wrong when making a scalable application.

The problem I just have is all the work that goes into making a scalable application.

Spoiler alert: None of it has to do with actually making the application itself.

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I really never did talk about the stuff I'm working on over the course of 2020 during 2020. Then again my use of social media throughout 2020 was basically just to follow things.

I should really work on being better about just sharing what I do just to show hey, I am doing things, even if they are strictly self-sufficient to a larger personal end-goal.

I also really should work on learning something that isn't just Typescript. It's nice, just way too much setup and - in some cases - headache.

After many weeks of owning this free company room I'm finally getting around to putting something in it.

Here's to hoping I don't go entirely broke by the time it's furnished.

Nothing's been a more frustrating deep dive to understand than the existence of the .gifv format

It's layers of complication to make a format that doesn't exist so websites know this is an mp4/webm/webp/gif that needs to be displayed as a looping gif, and I have no clue what the advantages are beyond what the given formats are already capable of

Finally got around to getting some form of housing in FF14, ready to delve into this vast new world with a space to call my own

Then boom

Found out you can't sleep in the beds

Slowly but surely coming to the realization that having a domain name gives me near-infinite power.

I've started to write the word "router" so much that I've started accidentally trying to import the package "router", which isn't even installed on this project

Discord's new "hide links for images" mechanic kinda sucks when an entire Imgur album is registered as just one picture, and hitting "Open original" only opens the first image in the album.

What makes it more annoying is Discord recognizes these are messages with links and will notify you that a link was sent. But it also looks like a file embed as well, so you have to now remember to use "has:link" and not "has:file" when searching for it.


I really gotta get used to the fact that I'm given 500 characters of pure freedom.


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