Veleta climbing... 1800 gain and we have 800m and 10km left. With and

Done :ablobcatattention:
From 800m to 3393m (Veleta Peak).
The more famous option: from Haza Llanas with impossible slopes.

@storchp we have been preparing it for four months but I won't do that climb again hahahaha :blobcat_pat:

@dennisguse Yes, it is. One of the best places where you can enjoy cycling and trekking (and snowing in the winter). And the best is that you have Granada in the afternoon, one of the greatest cities in Spain to be.

PS/ @dennisguse worked perfect yesterday but when I got near 3000m the barometer got crazy and added 1000m gain. Maybe because the strong wind and drop temperature ¿?¿?


@rgmf @storchp regarding the barometer: yes, that might happen. For this, we would need some sensor fusion between GPS and barometer. And that might be nasty to do...

Regarding the mountains: I slightly envy you - have not seen any mountain since 2019...

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