@dennisguse v3.28.1? v3.29.0? v4.0.0?

There are a lot of changes for the new release. Also, UI refactoring. What version name should it be?

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New #OpenTracks release: v3.28.0
Nothing fancy: filenames for exports are now configurable and horizontal accuracy is stored (requires at least API26).

The actual fancy thing is that in tomorrows nightly, the new revamped UI is included.
The nightly is available here: fdroid.storchp.de/fdroid/repo?

Actually, this is the first major change in the UI (beside adding features) compared to MyTracks - and it is a great one!

A large bunch of kudos go to @rgmf for taking on this challenge 🥳

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New #OpenTracks version: v3.27.0

This changes how what we record: after quite some hours we figured that OpenTracks did not respect the minimal recording distance setting completely (usually 2 points were stored instead of one).
This is now fixed and we store less data.

Besides that we can now export/import the GPS accuracy as well as CSV.

Also the time is shown with seconds (e.g., to sync the time with an external camera).

Happy updating!

@xosem me gustan las victorias de los "outsiders" pero en esta carrera siempre gana un favorito 🤷‍♂️

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🚴 #FlecheWalonne Day 🥳


Uphill Finisher Day


Balloon Pijl in flemish 😬

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Yo tengo sobrepeso yendo por la vida a patita y hay gente flaca que no suelta el coche ni para comprar el pan. La vida es injusta.

@dennisguse great article 👌

I can read it. Is that mean it's already approved? 🤔


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Pintura roja en el Congreso: «Llegó la hora de exigir unos cambios que, de no producirse, van a ocasionar una cantidad inimaginable de sufrimiento. Un sufrimiento que puede ser evitado».
La ciencia se rebela.
#CambioClimático #ClimateChange

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Kfir Kaplan and Mark Fuller at this year's #LibrePlanet They presented "A free toolchain from molecular vibrations to detailed combustion: How (some) physical chemists and chemical engineers have escaped proprietary software." Videos soon.

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Trisquel maintainer, Rubén Rodríguez Pérez showcases how a game would look through his #VR headset with #godot at this year's #LibrePlanet

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@Gnome 42 will release tomorrow. I used it for a few days, and it's good. Really good. But it also brings changes that might not please everyone, so let's talk about it:
#Linux #opensource


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La de maravillas que puede uno encontrarse por azar cuando se documenta para una entrevista. ¡Y el día del aniversario, además! 😂

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¿Sorpresa? Ninguna 👇
Apple, Microsoft y Google son las empresas que más trabas ponen a la reparación de sus aparatos, según el estudio realizado por una organización de consumidores estadounidense.

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