@LinuxLounge Thanks for writing this blog post. There's a ton of incorrect information floating around on social media about the vaccines, and it's great to see a rational view on their safety.

@feditips Thank you for posting about this issue anyway. I had been aware of Lemmy's problems for a while, and am glad that there are many other fediverse platforms to choose from.

@feditips The opposite of libertarianism is authoritarianism, and that's what Lemmy is promoting right now.


The entire concept of the fediverse is libertarian, so this is a very strange position for Lemmy to be taking.


@feditips Second, I get that lemmy.ml describes itself as "leftist" but deleting conservative communities (ones that are not far-right) without further explanation is too exclusionary for the most prominent instance of a fediverse platform.

Deleting the libertarian community and then trying to justify this by saying "it's conservative" is too much.


@feditips First, libertarianism is not necessarily conservative. Libertarianism is about empowering people over governments. In fact, libertarianism originated from left-wing politics:


There are left-wing and right-wing flavors of libertarianism:



Here's a diagram of what libertarianism includes:



@feditips Look at the modlog:


"Removed Community Libertarian, in the pursuit of a free society reason: No conservative communities allowed"

"Removed Community Conservatism reason: No conservative subs allowed"

There is so much wrong with this.


@feditips Proud of you for speaking out about this touchy, but important, topic. Iemmy.ml (which displays plenty of content from lemmygrad.ml) being the face of Lemmy is as problematic as, for example, if Gab were the face of Mastodon.

The large amount of pro-authoritarian propaganda on lemmy.ml is very shocking, considering that lemmy.ml is the most prominent instance of Lemmy run by Lemmy's developers.


(Retyping toots to fix broken links, sorry.)

@itsfoss With a 10.3” display and Wacom stylus support, the PineNote is more of an upgrade to the reMarkable tablet than the Kindle.

@maryjane @FediFollows @postmarketOS @PINE64 Among the 4 devices listed under the Main section, it does look like the PinePhone supports the most items in the table.

@david @pixelfed And there's also Fedilab, which works with Pixelfed, Mastodon, and other fediverse services.


@david @pixelfed PixelDroid is a Pixelfed app for Android. f-droid.org/en/packages/org.pi

I think this is the only published app right now.

@PINE64 @BTCPayServer Glad to see cryptocurrency being considered as a payment option. Keep up the good work!

@tuxedocomputers The 4K AMOLED display option with 450 nit brightness and 100% DCI-P3 gamut coverage looks like an incredible feature for graphics and video work, or just for anyone who wants to use an excellent screen.

@oldcoder @coolpup My top preference is to move away from email altogether in favor of open communication protocols that natively support end-to-end encryption. @matrix looks promising, but broad adoption will take time.

@oldcoder @coolpup The main challenges with self-hosting email are ensuring email deliverability (which can be difficult from a VPS) and ensuring that the server stays up in the event of an attack or malfunction. Managed email services like @Tutanota and @protonmail are good solutions for users who do not want the maintenance overhead of self-hosting email, or who prefer end-to-end encryption.

@oldcoder @coolpup Mail-in-a-Box, iRedMail, and Mailcow (my favorite) are all nicely packaged solutions for self-hosting email. There are also @yunohost and @cloudron (freemium), which offer easy self-hosting for not just email but a variety of apps and services.

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