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Paradise by Kae Tempest, a production from National Theatre London 

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them: use mastodon, there's no ads!
me: spending significant amount of time blocking and reporting ads.

ou well, trial period is over and it's not me, it's you. for the time being, I'll be back to mainstream social networks.

enjoy your stay, all!

local vs federated timeline

the best analogy I could think of is like if you're in a restaurant and there are a few tables.

local timeline would be chatter from people sitting on the same table as you.

federated timeline would be chatter from people sitting on the other tables.

unrealistic expectations 

how to treat a child:
0-7yo: treat them as royalty. attend to all their needs, give them undivided attention.
7-14yo: treat them as labour. it's their turn to pay attention. chores are no longer playful, but work with rewards and punishments.
14-21yo: treat them as apprentice, train them on life and work matters.
>21yo: treat them as friend. give advise, but let them make their own calls.

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Hi all (especially those #newHere), please remember to put content warnings on posts! Each server runs things a little differently, but the integrated CWs are one of my favorite things on here. It's so nice to be able to scroll without slipping into a spiral 😊 #feditips #fedtips #mastotips #boostsAppreciated

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Heute hat Higgs Geburtstag - 8 Jahre wird er alt. Zum Gassi auf die Alb, angenehmes Wetter, keine Betrunkenen, so muss das sein.

Schönen Sonntag & 1. Mai wünschen Higgs & Emil!

#dailydog #mastodogs #dogsofmaston

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had to add muted words and muted accounts because of the current event, also looking for an instance/community with cool people. hmu if you know any.

is there a way to preview an instance/community's timeline to help me decide if my expectations of a social network would be better served there?

unpopular opinion, politics and media 

if I want to know about the news, I'll go and read a newspaper. if governments have some official announcement, they can do it at their website.
because when I go to a social network, I expect to connect on a personal level with an actual person, not an organisation, not corporates, and definitely not bots.
to me, that part has always been the annoying part of twitter/fb/ig and that continues to annoy me here as well..

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want free pain killers and weed?

scientists have found out that if breathe with your diaphragm, endorphins are released in your brain. this type of breathing is also called deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing.

endorphins are natural pain killers.

one of them is called anandamide. ananda is Sanskrit for bliss.

so what is anandamide?

cannabis, basically.

"Anandamide was the first endocannabinoid to be discovered: it participates in the body's endocannabinoid system by binding to cannabinoid receptors, the same receptors that the psychoactive compound THC in cannabis acts on."

if you make it a habit to use deep breathe, you can get high on your own.

high on yourself.

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a smoothie with frozen bananas, strawberries, cashews and oat milk 😋 this is my second smoothie EVER - I used to be the pickiest eater before I went vegan, I ate literally no fruits and close to no veggies, this has changed a lot in the past 1,5 years😇 what do you guys like to put in your smoothies?

#smoothie #fruit #vegan #veganofpf #whatieat #food
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