Or a second hand phone from previous years - reduce waste too.

@rootfs I got an mp3 player back in 2011 for £20 and it is still going strong.

It only plays music, no app, no Android. Batteries last, and the only thing that is mildly annoying is having to plug it into the PC to copy the music.

Since then I've replaced it with my phone mostly because of podcasts. But I could be creative and make that work as well.

@reidrac I've actually got an iPod somewhere that I could do with recharging. The only issue is that to add music onto it, I'll need to use the Music app on mac which... oof

@rootfs I should go back to use that little player. It doesn't have bluetooth, but I don't use it when I go out (my bluetooth headphones are too large).

I guess we all did some consolidation moving activities to our smartphones, that ironically stopped to be phones to be only "smart" devices.

@reidrac That's pretty much the thing stopping me from using old mp3 players - the lack of bluetooth headphone support.

Don't get me wrong, I think BT headphones are pretty much a waste of money if you already have wired ones, but I have noise cancelling ones and they are just too good at their job to let go.

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