I don't know - I think most political opinions nowadays are controversial...

But I guess I would say I probably lean more towards the center than left than I'd like to. And that's probably because of my circumstances.

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oh MAN that's a tough one. I love so many songs, so many diff genres.

But right now it would be this song:

Also I'm the kind of oddball that listens to a song on repeat until I hate it.

I actually struggle with lying. Even a little lie will have me come undone in minutes

This is going to be multiple parts due to multiple questions in one message.

I think the nicest thing I’ve done (but recently as my memory is like a goldfish) is that I gave a family member my old macbook which was worth ~£600 (£2.5k at point of sale) because I knew they were desperate for a new computer.

Meaning thing (recently - memory like a goldfish) - a coworker at work made a mistake, and since I’ve been dealing with another co-worker underperforming I ended up calling my boss sounding like a klaxon alarm. My boss was like “chill man, he’s fine, he made a mistake”.

But then I did say to the guy we needed a talk in Slack (private work messaging) and it did sound threatening.

I didn’t mean to sound like a dick and in the context of his mistake, it wasn’t even that bad. Looking back I over-reacted on that one, not proud of that moment.

Nicest thing someone has done for me: well I’m trying to go back on dating and I’ve ended up matching with a lady in Trinidad. She hasn’t done anything per se, but the conversations has been absolutely wonderful.

Meaning thing someone has done to me: I honestly try not to dwell on stuff like that - don’t know about anybody else but my brain has a tendency to attach onto negative things, and I don’t think that sort of thinking is good for *anyone*.

I try my best to catch myself thinking negatively about folks and trying to stop it.

That’s not to say I shouldn’t feel hurt or upset about something that is done, but what’s done is done, and there is no point dwelling on it. We all make mistakes. I want to give people benefit of the doubt.

haha! I don't know you are unfortunately!

I have so many great mastodon friends, it's quite hard to pinpoint a single person who is my favourite.

Everyone on mastodon is just super cool and super friendly!

I'd like to arm wrestle Gandhi for some reason. I think I could definitely beat him.

Generally Toyotas because they are affordable and reliable as hell, but who knows in the future. Might get an Audi, or I might sell my car and not have one.

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