idk fuck it 

I’ve got nothing going on in life. I’m tired. I’m tired of no one caring about being good humans. I’m tired of people just using me. I’m tired. Just unplug it all I guess. lmao. Not even family gives two shits about me. Could call a hotline or a therapist but ain’t no one actually care unless you are attractive and promising a good time. When will god’s work be done. Stream of consciousness

I’m not actively suicidal but if someone plows me while I go get smokes, that’s fine too


idk fuck it 

@jessicakelly honestly, for me therapy/counselling was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I had thoughts like this and at times it was uncomfortable, it felt really great having a stranger who I could unload onto and then just either forget these things for a while or get some actionable advice on what I could do (but I never had to take it). Hope you are well, friend

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